0805010821.txt - Robots Hit Battlefields - And Kitchen Floors Real robotics industry, not any Jetsons fantasy, is finally ratcheting up
08050108210.JPG - (see 0805010821.txt) E-nuvoWalk,byJapan'sZMP,runs
on Microsoft software
08050108211.JPG - (see 0805010821.txt) IRobot's PackBot military robot
can be directed by remote control.
08050108212.JPG - (see 0805010821.txt) Bomb-defusing robots such as this one, operated by remote control, lend a hand to the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
0812040602.htm - Are Pentagon Nerds Developing Packs of Man-Hunting Killer Robots?
0812080324.txt - Sweeping Changes Coming With Smart Dust
08120803240.jpg - Sweeping Changes Coming With Smart Dust
08120803241.jpg - Sweeping Changes Coming With Smart Dust
0902181034.txt - Attack of the Killer Robots: Pentagon Plans to Deploy Autonomous Robots in War Zones
0902232046.pdf - Coming soon: robotic insects that spy, maybe even blow things up