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In this paper the authors prove that a conscious machine can exist and specify the conditions that must be satisfied
for its existence. Alan Turing demonstrated, in his 1950 paper (Mind 59:433-460), with calculations, the
infeasibility of cognitive machines when explicit programming was their only knowledge acquisition tool (cognition
could be achieved only with the addition of an interpreter and humanized interfaces). The authors show that
Turing’s main principles, the addition of an interpreter and humanized interfaces, may be replaced by sequential
algorithmic programming when the modalities of receptors are taken into consideration. These modalities lead to
a fundamental law in biology - the law of specific nerve energy - that relates consciousness to explicit neuronal
activity (Neuronal Correlate of Modality). This law may be used to prove that “conscious” machines can exist,
and can exhibit forms of consciousness similar to human consciousness. The design of such a conscious
machine, a tactile-visual humanoid robotic machine, has already been implemented (Rosen & Rosen, and ASSC E-archive). The tactile-visual system, that simulates human visual cognition, is
designed with explicit programming as the only knowledge-acquisition tool. All the explicit programming of the
machine is performed with a finite, non-exponential number of steps, according to physical-optical laws.
Furthermore, the machine may experience the subjective experiences of “seeing” or “feeling” the objects that it
interacts with.

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Dr. Rosen's curriculum vitae

ACADEMIC:  B.A., M.S., PhD. Nuclear Physics University So. Calif. 1958

                        1954-1972 Asst Prof. in Physics & Mathematics at USC.

                        1963-1964 adjunct Prof UC-Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and UC-Riverside

                        1985 Adjunct Prof. USC: Spacecraft Design



1959-1992 ---  34 years at TRW

1993-present--- 14 years at Machine Consciousness Inc (MCon Inc).


 Member of the IEEE-Computational Intelligence Soc, International Neural Network Soc (INNS), Cognitive Neuroscience Soc. (CNS), Sigma Xi and the Assoc. of the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC). Formerly a member of AIP, AGU, and AIAA.

 Member of technical committees and technical working groups at the AIAA, NASA, and SAMSO. Chairman of the radiation safety Committee and initiated the radiation safety program at TRW 1960-1966


2002-2007: 15-20 publications in robotic neurobiology; List may be viewed at publication download area

 1960-1992: Over 60 scientific and technical articles published in peer reviewed scientific Journals:  List of publication sent by request.

 Co-author and editor of the textbook “Space Physics” published by John Wiley: 1964.

 Co-author of space science Published by John Wiley: 1965

 Author and editor of “Spacecraft Charging by Magnetospheric Plasmas” Published By the AIAA in cooperation with MIT Press 1976.